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This post originally appears on Zoey Raymond’s blog  from Singapore.

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Have been wearing dresses from to work these 2 days and I'm really impressed by the material.


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Le-Contour pieces are tailored by a leading garment manufacturer – Global Designer Solutions, office based in Sydney, Australia! All the dresses on Le-Contour are designed by emerging designers and Le-Contour ensures in producing high-end clothing with strict quality control; while fulfilling the requirements set out by the designers! 

I picked 2 dresses of different styles, one more smart casual and the other formal. So that I can have a better feel of the material and share the different styles Le-Contour offer.

Two toned A-line Dress in Royal Blue by ELLA RODRIGUES

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This dress is of great material, simple yet outstanding. When I wore it, my partner was full of compliments for it and he liked how simple yet sweet it looks.


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What I like best about this dress is the semi sheer detailing along the hemline and neckline. It's delicate, semi sheer shadow stripes lend an elegant, yet bold element to this dress.
Le-Contour's pieces are designed to balance your body curves The website is easy to browse and I like how Le-Contour's has a simple fitting guide and shop by pre-selected figure-loving fitting. Shop at Le-Contour.Com now!
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