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3 Online Fashion Shopping Commandments to Make Retail Therapy Work For You

Online Fashion Retail therapy is like a mini-retreat from the jungle of everyday life. You shop to cheer yourself up, to break up a boring day at the office, to nail that presentation or that job interview, or to get yourself excited for a hot date with someone new.

But if you’re the type to shop when you’re right in the thick of an emotional rollercoaster, you might not make the best retail choices. And we’ve been there too! We’ve bought things that didn’t fit, and tops that didn’t suit our busts, and dresses that just didn’t go with any of our shoes. If you feel the urge to splurge, here are 3 ways to make retail therapy work for you and make you feel fabulous again! Tell your wallet we said, “You’re welcome”.


Shop for Your Shape


There’s one way to seriously waste your hard earned cash – by buying clothes online that don’t suit your body shape. We’ve been guilty of this too, and we have the closet full of unworn clothes to show for it!

We know it’s easy to eye up a dress or a skirt on another woman, and then after you’ve grilled her on where she found such a divine item, hit the shops to score it for yourself. But taking style inspo from everyone around us doesn’t always do us any style favours. Our advice? Know what looks great on your body. Need above average support up top? We love a nipped-in waist and sheath dresses. If you’re short, look for simple silhouettes, shirt dresses or Empire styles that’ll give your petite figure a boost without overwhelming it.

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Support Emerging Designers


It’s exciting to unearth the new designers making waves in the fashion world. Not only does emerging talent offers a fresh take on style, they’re not yet established enough to have to give in to the fast fashion cycle that sees creativity go out the window. When big brands are under pressures to produce clothing on such a tight timeline, it means their designs have a limited lifespan as they try to keep up with the hype of trends and consumer demand.

Not so with emerging designers, who often have a lot more creative reign. And the biggest plus of all? They’re often competitively priced too. Smaller fashion brands don’t have the huge overheads that big-name fashion labels do, which means you can often pick up something of much higher quality for a far better price. Looking good can be wallet-friendly!

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Shop for The Classics If You’re Ready to Seriously Spend


Hey, it happens. The seduction of a designer brand dress and the confidence it brings is sometimes just too powerful for even the smartest fashionistas amongst us! So if you’re really in the mood to do a job on your credit card, go for those items that every girl needs in her life. You know, those investment pieces that you whip out and people go, “Woah! Is that new?”, and you gush and tell them it was the smartest thing you ever purchased 5 years ago. Those things. Like a classic LBD, a shift dress for work, a white blouse with a plunging v-neck line, or an a-line skirt in neutral for the weekend. And then it’s about investing in your personal style, not about instant gratification, right? Right.

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