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3 Simple Steps To Address Your Daily Dressing Dilemma

With the alarm going off every morning comes the million-dollar question: what should I wear to work? Let’s face it, ladies! We often work long hours, thereby draining our energy at the end of the day and barely have the time to think about what to wear the next morning before going to work. We all are wasting precious time standing in front of the wardrobe with no clue of what to wear and alas, the next thing you notice is that you are going to be late for work. Don’t vent your frustration, yet!

Here is how you can get over your every morning dilemma by simplifying your wardrobe in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Decluttering Your Wardrobe  

First, you need to evaluate and donate the clothes that have been sitting idle in your wardrobe, and you have been giving yourself endless excuses for not wearing them. Apply the rule of donating the clothing items that weren’t worn by you in the last four weeks. Don’t hesitate or continue to cling to them. You need to accept the fact that there is an issue between you and the clothing. Otherwise, you would have worn them already. Continuing to hoard them in your wardrobe will only make it more difficult for you to find what you want, hence contributing to your daily morning dilemma. Less is more.

Step 2: The More You Organise, The Clearer Your Mind Will be

Second, organise your work clothes according to their types: One-piece Dresses, Tops, Skirts/Pants, Jackets and Cardigans. An organised wardrobe will help you to pick and match one thing to another easily. Once you can see and visualise your clothing items at a glance, you may start planning on shopping for new dresses that will complement your wardrobe, and come up with a list of items that you need more and do not currently have. This process helps you to shop only the essential items that you need and would wear regularly.

We found this efficient way of organising your wardrobe effective - KonMari Way

Step 3: Opt for a Simple Mix & Match

Third, apply the “Simple & Sleek” rule when shopping for new work dresses. For example, the pairing of the one-piece dress with a matching jacket or cardigan can never go wrong. It is the most time-efficient way of dressing for work while delivering the professional look you are seeking. Remember, the fine quality and craftsmanship of the dress are equally important in delivering the best look while you feel comfortable in wearing it all day long.

Useful Tips: A Smart Casual Dresses Online Shopping Guide For Career Women


Not sure what type of dress will suit you? Simple - it is the type of dress that enhances your body curves. Choosing the right dress gets easier when you understand your body shape and the styles that go with your curves. Here at, you can shop for dress styles that are pre-selected by which part of your body that you would like to dial up or dial down, hence balancing your curves. It also has a simple dress fitting guide to help you shop for the dress that suits your body curves.


Useful Tips: Shop Online for Dresses Based On Body Curves

Following the above 3-step process will make sure that you wake up in a clear and peaceful state of mind every morning, without having to worry about what to wear to work or personal occasions. With the new year approaching - it’s time to refresh your wardrobe and make it simple for yourself!

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