The Essential Office Wear Styles for Ladies

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Woke up to a bad day? Not in any mood to dress up? But oh no, work is starting in within the hour and you still have no idea what outfit you’ll be donning for the day! How? 

Essential-Office-Wear-Styles-For-Ladies-Singapore Here at Le Contour Online Boutique, we understand just how important it is to have something to wear when you don’t know what to wear! Let us share with you some of the smart casual essentials that every career-minded woman like you should have in their boudoir. Not only will this help you choose your office wear when you’re rushing to work, it can also help you when you’re so busy that you no longer have time to whip up a fresh outfit that will still look stylish and absolutely stunning.

Classic Shirt Dress Style

Everybody loves this style and it is easy to have that stylish look in no time. This outfit consists of a shirt dress, or a chic crisp shirt with a pencil skirt, and heels. Easy to do, since a lot of you probably already have these three stapes in your wardrobe.


Nowadays, wearing work dresses for a smart casual outfit is so chic! Shirt dresses come in a variety of colours and cuts, but make sure to choose one that’s not too short for the office environment - not unless you have male bosses or colleagues who look like they've popped out from the Korean drama and you want to up the game - just joking!

Stylish Long-Sleeves or Sleeveless Midi Dress Style

You know is one of those days you are just not in the mood for a skirt or slack, then it would be fairly easy to just switch it up with a gorgeous midi dress.  This style is so versatile that you can wear it for day and night occasion. Also, it relieves you from picking your brain on what top to go with which skirt or slack.  Simple isn't it yet classy! 


Chic Bodycon Dress with Jacket Combo

Yes, that's right! A Bodycon dress we are talking here. Time to lose the plain shirt with a pair of business blazer and pants combination. You can always wear a chic Bodycon dress with a classy jacket to deliver the stylish yet modern look.


Jogger Pants or Jeans and Knitwear Combo

We know someday you just want to wear something casually to work? Good news is you can easily pair your favourite Jogger Pant or Jeans with a crisp top and a nice knitwear jacket to achieve the sophisticated look. If it’s casual Friday, you can even just wear a stylish sweater or cardigan over it! Don a pair of stilettos, and that’s it.


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Hopefully, this will help you to overcome those emergency-I-have-nothing-to-wear days. Here’s to a stylish and always ready office workday from Le Contour!  Happy shopping at our Online Smart Casual & Office Dresses Boutique.

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