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Does Your Wardrobe Has These Gorgeous Weekend Dress Styles

Yippee! The weekend is here, and the time to chill & relax after a hard-working, productive week. In this post, we are going to share with you some effortless yet gorgeous weekend dress styles to glam up your look and bring some colours to your weekend. The aim here is to look fresh and chic for a beautiful weekend.

Before we begin with looking at some pretty little dresses that we promised you, let's do a self-care reset together for the weekend. With our compact & fast-paced lifestyle, a self-care reset is perfect & effective to help you to get the most of your weekend. So you can recharge and be ready for another new week of new possibilities. This exercise will also help to make your weekend fashion therapy a worthwhile investment with a clear mind.

Back to us, we hope every lovely who is reading this blog has found this exercise useful and have a calmer mind now to enjoy a fantastic weekend!

Okay, let's start with the pretty floral print dresses that bring SPRING into your weekend.


This dress is a classic inspired v-neck dress with gorgeous flower prints. We love the playful ruffle design at the top illuminating the feminine vibes - perfect for an afternoon tea session with your lovelies or families. Designed by emerging designer - Estella.



A versatile floral print maxi dress that you can dress up or down, effortlessly transform from day to night with accessories and shoes. The v-neck spaghetti strap design has a slimming effect while balancing your body curves. Designed by emerging designer - Intermax.


Next, we will take a look at the Shift Dress Style that is perfect for every body shape.


A modern contemporary shift dress with open shoulder design. The sleeves of the dress are designed with a playful knot, dialling up the chic factor and feminine look. Also available in classy black colour. Designed by emerging designer - Asteria.



This pretty little white shift dress is a wardrobe staple. A timeless & chic style that you will keep wearing. It comes with a classy mandarin collar and open v-cut top with gorgeous sheer slit sleeves. This dress is also suitable for work occasion. Also available in Black colour. Designed by emerging designer - Intermax.


Last but not least, is our favourite Sleeveless Romper. Perfect for the weekend occasion. It is suitable for all body shapes due to its loose-fitting design.


Yes, step up your fashion style over the weekend with this chic little romper tailored with the satin look & feel like, and high-quality fabric. This romper is elegantly designed with bow ties on the sleeves and a goddess-like tie around ribbon belt at the back. Also available in the pretty Black colour. Designed by emerging designer - Helena M.


Alrighty, we hope you have enough eye-candy to look at for this weekend, and like our recommended weekend styles. Le-Contour.Com is a Fine-Quality Online Boutique that supports the dress designs of emerging designers. We also provide free worldwide delivery via DHL for major cities or EMS for rural areas. If you need help with fitting and size guide - you may refer to our blog on body measurement guide or drop us an email at (24 hours response time) and we are always ready to assist. Happy Weekend!

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