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How Stylish Women Conquer Office Fashion

Classy. Comfortable. Conservative. Creative.


The words we use to describe office fashion can often sound contradictory, not to mention, boring.

And if there are two words that should never be used in the same sentence, it’s ‘fashion’ and ‘boring’.

That’s why we firmly believe that exploring your style in the workplace needn’t be dull or confusing. Ever. Again.

Here at Le Contour, we believe style is a state of mind. And to help you fully embrace a confident, comfortable and classy mood, we want to share with you the secrets that every stylish woman knows about what to wear to work today.

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How Stylish Women Conquer Office Fashion

We know that as a woman with places to go and things to do, you don’t want to waste time thinking “What to wear to work today?” You have breakfast to eat, coffee to down, public transport to battle, and the rest of your day to tackle! Our advice below is going to help you curate a closet that lets you save time, and avoid that dreaded feeling – “I have absolutely nothing to wear!”

They dress for their unique shape

It can be hard to define your unique body type. Especially if you adore a skirt that your best friend wears, but unfortunately, doesn’t suit you. But just as you wouldn’t wear the wrong shoe size (ouch!), nor does it make any sense to try to wear clothes designed for another person’s body.

The key to finding office fashion that flatters your body type is to get your correct measurements and use a guide to determine your shape. We know, we know. There shouldn’t be any rules in fashion, so nothing should stop you from buying any garment that you absolutely love. But embracing your unmistakable and fabulous body type still leaves you with plenty of room to play!

And the proof is in the confidence you’ll radiate when you accentuate your best parts and balance out the rest. The best place to start is to follow our easy-to-use online fitting guide, and then shop Le Contour by fit.

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They avoid the hype and invest in classic dresses

The more trendy office fashion items you have on hand, the less you’ll have to wear. Why? Because fashion fades, and style is eternal. Luckily for you, there’s a few key items, styles and silhouettes that never leave your favourite boutiques, and we always ensure that we have a great range on our website.

There are many classic office fashion styles that we could list, and just a few of them include the shift dress, chic knitted sweaters, and a simple monochrome knit jacket.

Linen-Shift-Dress-Online-Smart-Casual-Office-Dresses-Shopping-Singapore Sheer-Black-Dress-Online-Smart-Casual-Office-Dresses-Shopping-Singapore

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They liven up simple office fashion with bold prints

They say first impressions count, and nothing makes more of an impact than a beautifully printed fabric. But it can be easy to go overboard with prints you love, so keep most of your outfit in monochrome or neutral shades to ensure your stand-out print really shines. Va-voom!


They know that less is more

It’s clichéd, but it’s a cliché for a reason.

If you’re like us, fashion is your creative expression and a means to stride out the door with poised fearlessness. But when you’re as excited as us about dressing to impress, it can be easy to go a bit overboard!

That’s why it’s so important to create a balanced look, so that you’re mastering your own personal office style while style oozing class. The key is to create a balanced look and walk the line of corporate attire. With creativity, of course!

When it comes to office wear, you don’t need a look that screams, “Look at me! Look at me!”, but an outfit that empowers you with subtle stand-out features.

So, if you’re going to wear a skirt or dress that stops above the knee, pair it with a shorter kitten heel or a simple pair of ballet flats. If you’re wearing a bodycon dress to that 9am meeting, reach for a darker hue over a flashy colour like pink.

They let the finer details do the hard work

If you feel your most confident and classy in an elegant sheath dress or a basic crew neck knit, adorn yourself with accessories to complete the look. When it comes to wearing jewellery, layered, dainty pieces can be worn together. Bold, statement-making pieces, like chunky necklaces are best worn on their own so you don’t look like you’re playing dress-ups. Combine with a simple yet commanding dress for a look that’s practical, respectful, and says “I’m ready for that progress review!”

Draped-Cowl-Knitted-Sweater-Online-Shopping-Singapore Marble-Baseball-Knit-Sweater

Sure, there’s plenty of rules you could follow when it comes to dressing for work. But don’t think of these as rules – fashion is your playground for expressing yourself! Push the boundaries, but don’t break them. That’s the real key to office fashion.  Check out more styles at Le-Contour.Com