Learn to Shop Online For Dresses Based on Your Body Curves

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Are you curvy? Slim? Apple-shaped? or maybe Pear-shaped? In this blog post, we’ll touch on some of the most common body types, as well as the kind of dresses or outfits that will go nicely in accordance with the body type.

Why Must You Understand Your Body Curves For Online Dresses Shopping?


As most fashion designers and even just fashion enthusiasts will tell you, choosing what to wear based on your body curves is very important. No matter how beautiful your outfit may be, if it’s ill-fitting, or if it’s not suitable to your body curves, it won’t be doing you any good. You’d be much better off picking a dress that can flaunt your curves beautifully whilst empowering you to embrace your curves with confidence - most importantly to be yourself.

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Apple Body Shape

Someone with this body shape will have a slim lower body and a slightly thicker middle area, perhaps around the tummy or waist. If that’s the case, your goal will be to try to downplay your midsection and focus on your lower or upper sections instead. Flowy or shift dresses that show your legs would be perfect for this look.


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Banana Body Shape

If there isn’t a lot of difference between the size of your waist and the size of your hips, then you probably fall into this shape. If you feel that you want to dial up your body curves, don’t fret! You may shop online for dresses that will enhance your shoulders and bust area, or accentuate your waist area, like a belted dress.


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Pear Body Shape

Pear-shaped ladies have more weight on their hip area. If you have this body shape, you can try to emphasize your shoulders in order to balance your body curves. A-Line dresses work best for pear-shapes because it takes the attention away from their hips.


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Hourglass Body Shape

Often labelled as the ‘perfect’ shape, the hourglass figure is actually one of the easiest body types to dress to. Since hourglass shapes often have smaller waists compared to their hips and bust, you should be emphasizing this by wearing something to highlight your waist, like a wide belt, or a wrap dress with a narrow waist. Bodycon dresses are also a possible choice. You can also try wearing V-neck dresses, which will further emphasize your curves. 


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Online Dresses Shopping Top Tip To Remember!

Whatever it is that you decide to wear, always make sure that it will flaunt the natural beauty that your body already has. Here in Le-Contour, we have a wide assortment of dresses that are designed by talented emerging designers to hug your body curves in all the right places.   

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