A Cheat Sheet to Measure Yourself for Online Dresses Shopping

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We know it’s troublesome when that dress you bought online doesn’t fit. Here’s how to be great at online dresses shopping with the understanding of your fitting.

We get you – between working all week, having dinner plans with the girls and everything in between, you’re a super busy woman. With a jam-packed agenda, who has time to spend browsing the racks of your favourite boutiques? When you’re in need of a new dress to feel fabulous in and attend parties especially during the festive season, online shopping provides that convenient fix to your style dilemma.

The only problem is you can never be too sure how an item online will look on your body in real life. Luckily for you, we have a few tips and an expertly designed fitting guide to help you shop online like a pro. Use this guide to properly measure your waist, hips, and bust, and find your figure-loving fit!

Look your best with your chic cheat sheet. Here’s how to measure yourself for online dresses shopping

You’ll need:

    • a full-length body mirror (to check posture)

    Measuring tips for a perfect fit:

    • If you’re going to measure yourself properly for an outfit, you need to be able to see yourself. Do you know? It’s best to do this when you’re in your underwear, as that’s what you’ll be wearing under your clothes. Bras will give you an extra boost, so keep in mind if you’re wearing a push-up!
    • Keep the Beyonce pose for later, and Stand tall with your feet together. If you stand with your feet apart, you might actually measure your hips wider than what they really are.
    • Wrap the tape measure around the back, so that you can hold both ends in front and read your measurements properly.
    • Check yourself in the mirror to make sure the tape is parallel to the floor, and it shouldn’t be twisted at all.
    • Hold the tape measure snug to your body. You should be able to put one finger underneath at the most!
    • Write down your measurements and store them in your phone or on your computer’s desktop. Easy!


    Ready to shop? Here are our three core styles: Full Bust - Top Balancing Dresses, Full Hips - Bottom Balancing Dresses, and Waist-Accentuating - Curves Creation Dresses. We stay away from hyped-up trends so that your closet becomes full of items you love to wear, always. Before you go, do check out our online dress fitting tips.

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