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Start Shopping Online For Work Dresses That Fit Your Body Shape

Yes! Shopping online for work dresses that fit well can be challenging. Especially risky when you're buying online aimlessly with no idea of what is your body shape or the suitable dress styles that will flatter your curves.

Fret not - here is the online dresses shopping checklist to shop like a pro.

1. Embrace Your Body Shape

The aim is to unleash your inner-chic at work. We are talking about great fitting work dresses that build confidence. Work dress styles that can transcend your individuality at the workplace. Office Outfits that you will look good and feel comfortable in them all day long while you conquer the world!

For all that to happen, you must understand what your body shape is. So it's about time you pay attention to your body curves. Start embracing your curves to feel great. Rule of thumb - we must accept ourselves before others.

So this is how you determine which body type are you. Stand in front of a mirror and ask the following questions:

1. Do I have broad shoulders or busty chest?

  • If the answer is Yes - Please refer to Top Balancing Fitting
  • If the answer is No - Please Go to Question 2

2. Do I have hips or waistline broader than my bust?

  • If the answer is Yes - Please refer to Bottom Balancing Fitting
  • If the answer is No - Please refer to Curves Creation Fitting

Let's now explore the different dress fitting by body types...

Top Balancing Fitting

This fitting is suitable for inverted triangle body type, where the upper body is more extensive to the lower trunk. A bearer of large busts, sometimes a little tummy with waistline still well-defined and a broad back to support your ample front.

The question to ask here is, "What dress styles will help you to look like an hourglass? " Simple! By redirecting attention away from the top a.k.a upper body, and focus towards the lower trunk area a.k.a hips.

The recommended work dress styles are dresses with V-neckline or Off-the-shoulder designs to reduce the weight on the upper body; while picking A-Line, Empire, Asymmetrical or strategically placed design panels on the lower part of the dress, these designs will add volume to your lower trunk, thus balancing your body curves.

Shop Top Balancing Dresses Here

Bottom Balancing Fitting

This fitting is suitable for triangle or pear shape body type, where the lower trunk of the body is voluptuous than the upper body with a well-defined waistline.

The question of " What dress styles will transform this pear shape body to like an hourglass? " Ready. Set. Dress - By redirecting visual attention away from the hips, and channel it towards the upper body busts area, to create hourglass body balance.

There are multiple dress designs to achieve this effect. They are the dress with a V-neck or scoop neck, Cold-Shoulder or Off-The-Shoulder design details. You may also elevate the outcome with a statement necklace or accessories at the upper part of the body. Strategically design panel details on the upper body or prints & patterns dresses are also perfect to create the hourglass effect.

Shop Bottom Balancing Dresses here

Curves Creation Fitting

This fitting is suitable for oval apple or straight banana shape, as the apple shape has a broader mid-section than the bust or hips, while the straight rectangle banana shape has no clearly defined waistlines. These two body types are both preventing a waistline from being clearly defined.

So, how do you transform these two body shapes into looking like an hourglass shape effortlessly? Easy! You need only to create the illusion of a well-defined waistline by achieving an image balance between upper and lower trunk of the body.

The most effective way to achieve this hourglass effect is to pick work dresses designed with belted or fitted waist, silhouette defined Sheath dress or even A-line dress styles.

Shop Curves Creation Dresses Here

Other Fun & Useful Info: How To Determine Your Body Shape


2. Shop High-Quality Brand or Work Dress Styles Inspired by Designer

Now let's take a look at the "Why" we should be shopping with the high-quality brand or work dresses designed by emerging designers.
  • No 1 - This is the workplace we are talking here, so you would like to dress professionally, and presentable to project the confidence. Only the beautifully-crafted dress pieces with high-quality fabrics materials can achieve the professional look. 
  • No 2 - Buying high-quality dresses for work would mean that you need to invest a little more versus the fast-fashion shopping that usually comes with lower tailoring quality. Picking designers inspired work dresses would help to make your investment worthwhile, as their designs are carefully thought through to make it timeless & great-fitting.
  • No 3 - Less is more! It's time you build a minimalist work capsule wardrobe and shop for dresses that are perfect from desk to play. Stop wasting money on the sales or cheap fast-fashion buy and build a wardrobe that you will love to wear. 

    3. Spend time decoding the Size Charts

    You may be a seasoned online shopper and know what sizes to pick online. It never hurts to read the specific fitting size chart on the product page to ensure that you are buying the correct sizing.

    The reason being is that different brand or online boutiques are using different size chart/specification. Ensure you check your usual UK/AU or US size against their size chart specification.

    For example, you are always an AU/UK8 Size S - but in some online boutique, a UK 10 is labelled as Size S. So do spend some time to check the size chart before you pick the right size.

    If you are still not sure what's going on with the sizes? Use the fitting tools or don't be shy & get in touch with the friendly Brand Owner to help you finalise the correct size for you.

    We hope you enjoy our blog post and find the information useful.

    Love & Hugs,

    The team at Le Contour Online Boutique

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