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Have you ever been in a situation where you’re cleaning out your closet, and then you suddenly realize that you need some new clothes? or Perhaps the constant "I do not have anything to wear?" situations that you can so relate to.

No matter what obstacle it might be, we still do not have any excuses to not get up, dress up and present the best of ourselves to the world! With the convenience of online shopping these days, it is quick, convenient, and most of the time, hassle-free.  If you find something you like, you can just simply click it, select your favourite colour if available, select your size with the detailed size chart to help you, then click the button to check out and it's done - which it makes our lives so much easier!

Shopping online for smart casual dresses, be it for personal leisure or work occasion is just as indulging as shopping physically at a shop, while you get plenty of online boutiques with exclusive designers' dresses to complement your wardrobe.  The joy of browsing each pretty dresses that flatters your heart without having to leave home.  Another advantage is that most of the time, a lot of styles that aren't common or usual can be found in there.       

Designer-Dresses-Asymmetrical-Sweater-Dress-SingaporeCaption: A sweater dress with a modern asymmetrical design

For instance, this is unlike in mainstream retail where the same clothes are usually mass-produced, and since they’re catering to the mainstream—which they need to do for maximum revenue—the styles tend to be on the safe side. Of course, they can’t be too innovative, because they can’t risk making something that the mass wouldn’t like. This is not a problem at all for emerging designers’ online boutiques because they can innovate all they want without that worry in mind - bringing you stylish designs that differentiate from others.

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Designer-Dresses- INTERMAX-RUCHED-DRESS-Singapore-Online-ShoppingCaption: The perfect little black dress for all occasions!

Le Contour is actually one such boutique. We offer smart casual and office dresses in Singapore, focusing on providing stylish and timeless clothing for the modern woman.

From bodycon dresses, to shirt dresses and maxi dresses, name it, and we’ve got the perfect dress for you. We have a variety of emerging designers from all over the world. All the dresses that we have are high quality, therefore ensuring that not only will you get the best bang for your buck, you will also look stylish while you’re at it.

There’s no doubt that some people might still find shopping with emerging designers’ online boutiques to be quite a risk. However, if you give it a try, you’ll see that it’s extremely easy, safe and for the most part, worry-free!

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Happy Black Friday Shopping!  We hope that you find something nice for yourself at great prices, and hunt down our best deals at Le Contour over this weekend. 


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