A Smart Casual Dresses Online Shopping Guide for Career Women

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The goal of a smart casual attire is, as the name implies, to make you look smart, yet casual enough to be comfortable. You should look stylish and chic; and most of all, you should look neat and well put together. And don’t we all love that kind of look?  Here at Le-Contour.Com, we understand that it’s important for career women to know how to don a smart casual attire while embracing our unique body curves.


Most smart casual attires call for pants or jeans—typically dark wash—and a simple, yet elegant dressy top, sometimes paired with a blazer for a more formal flair. For women who prefer to wear dresses instead, there are also stylish options available to choose from: the in-betweens of casual, Sunday dresses and less-formal office dresses.

Shirt Dress


It’s hard to go wrong with a shirt dress for smart casual outfits. The mixture of the more formal shirt and the less formal dress makes for an outfit that is both comfortable yet still appropriate for most business settings.

If you’re going to use a shirt dress for your smart casual outfit, be sure to choose a neutral colour, for something light and tastefully tailored with comfortable fabrics.

Sleeveless Dress


A sleeveless dress can also be an option, but paired with a blazer, of course! Singapore can be pretty hot in the summer months though, so you can opt to forgo the blazer if the need arises.

A sleeveless royal blue dress works well especially for evening meetings—giving you a classy look, yet comfy enough for the night.

Bodycon Dress


Bodycon dresses vary in formality, but you can’t go wrong with them either when it comes to smart casual. You can pair it up with some accessories like a nice necklace, for a more contemporary look.

Printed Dress


A printed, sleeveless dress can be used for smart casual attire as well, though you may have to wear something over it, like a jacket or a blazer. Nevertheless, printed dresses can make you look chic and pretty casual, no matter the situation.

A-Line Dress


An A-line dress can be heaven-sent when you need to whip up a quick smart casual outfit for a regular day at work. Just pair it up with your favourite necklace and you’re already good to go!

No matter what choice of dress you decide on, be sure to mix and match your own personal style so that you can look smart, neat, and most of all, still fabulous!

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