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Looking for smart casual women dresses online that will fit nicely but don't know where to start and how to go about it? Online shopping is a convenient getaway for busy wonder women like us who are pressed for time, yet "Looking Fabulous" is still our priority!

Yes, we get it when buying a dress or any item online that doesn’t fit you, it can be overwhelming. Not to fret, all you need is to get acquainted with your body curves while shopping for the perfect dress fitting that balances your body curves.


Many will say that if it makes you look and feel good, then that’s the right one for you, but if you want to bring out the rock star career woman look in you? You may want to figure out your unique body curves first and choose the recommended dress styles or fittings that best flaunt your curves.

No matter what you’ve checked out online like the A-Line Dress, Sleeveless Flare Dress and Bodycon Dress, there is a simple way to choose the right style if you know your body curves well enough. To determine the style or dress fitting involves you looking at the measurements of your bust, waist, and hips as not all dress styles may complement your unique curves.

A Smart Casual Women Online Dresses Shopping Guide:

Yes, we are all unique individuals and may be prettier than some other lovelies. The same goes for our body curves:

  • So let's start by measuring our bust. You must take a measuring tape under your arms at the fullest part of your chest - remember to wear a bra if you intend to wear a bra inside the dress.
  • Second is the waist. The exact measurement of the waist is being taken on the smallest part of your torso.
  • Lastly, the measurement of your hips starts from the fullest part of your hips.

A quick tip: It is always handy to take down all the measurements so you can have a copy of it for your next purchase.

Smart Casual Women Dress Styles & Fitting Tips:


I have broad shoulders or busty chest

If your bust is more significant than hips measurement, you may shop for dress styles that can add volume to your lower body. It is recommended to get an A-line dress that can easily balance with your broad shoulders or busty chest. You may also look for tops that are darker and complement it with bright coloured bottoms to draw attention to the lower part of your body.

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I have hips broader than my bust

If you are worrying that your hips are broader than your bust? No worries! You can switch the focus to your upper body. Mermaid or flare, A-line, and Empire dress styles are fabulous for dialing up your upper body attention. You may also add up accessories on your neck or look for bright coloured tops to balance up your body curves.

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I need more curves or have an hourglass body shape

If you need to accentuate your body curves, it’s good to wear dresses like mermaid, sheath, A-line, and empire. You can find dresses that is fit on your waist so that it can create a waistline. A colour block dress is as effective for this purpose. You can also accessorise a dress with thin belts to highlight your body curves more.

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