The Essential Office Styles that every Chic & Courageous Woman Needs

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How's everyone doing? We hope all Lovelies are off to a great start in the new week! If you did not, well there is still time for you to end the week on a high note and turn things around. In this blog post, we are going to talk about the essentials styles for business or work occasions that are effortless to dress. We will also recommend our designers inspired Smart Casual Women Dresses Collection as the examples. 

Do you have that morning dilemma of waking up to "I have nothing to wear?" - If this sounds familiar to you, why not check out Erin's tips on countering this dilemma by shopping for essential pieces that are of timeless styles. While avoiding different trends that make it hard to mix & match - causing more time to think about what to wear. Also finding the right comfort fitting is also important to encourage you to wear them frequently rather than taking up space in your wardrobe.

So today we have picked a curated of smart casual women's dresses inspired by our talented pool of emerging designers based on Erin's guidelines to make your dressing effortlessly. A reminder to you before we begin - an Essential piece is of timeless style with a comfort fit. Always have that in mind when you're shopping online for women's dresses. It will help you from buying aimlessly.

Forever Classy A-Line Dress Style

The very first A-Line dress style was introduced via the couturier Christian Dior's collection for Spring 1955. Yes, it's been a timeless style for more than half a century - that's why we called it a forever classy dress style.

Based on some stylists, A-line dress style is often referred as the holy grail for every women's body curves. Our A-line dresses are designed to fit around your waist and gradually widening towards the hem to create a feminine body curves effect. It is a fabulous dress fitting that you will feel great comfort in it.


Find out more about Piper A-Line Dress from Le-Contour.Com


Find out more about Sleeveless A-Line Dress from Le-Contour.Com

Timeless Sheath Dress Style

Where shall we begin here? Yes, the timeless sheath dress style started from ancient Egypt and went through several evolutions throughout history. What we know is that the sheath dress style continues to be popular these days and it is a wardrobe staple.

Our collection of sheath dresses come in various fabric and colour to help shape the contours of the body curves. The designs are elegant & contemporary making our sheath dresses to transform effortlessly from day to night, while its slightly form-fitting silhouette balances your proportions. Highly recommended for curves creation & top balancing fitting.


Find out more about Tahari Sheath Dress from Le-Contour.Com


Find out more about Sleeveless V-Neck Sheath Dress from Le-Contour.Com

Chic Shift Dress Style

Another timeless design - Did you know that Givenchy designed Audrey Hepburn's iconic black dress in Breakfast at Tiffany's which was a Shift dress? Our shift dresses are designed as a minimalist dress that falls straight down from shoulders while having a bit of flowy over hips and waist. Making it perfect for all body curves and it is a go-to easy style to put together a chic outfit.


Find out more about Classic Chiffon Shift Dress from Le-Contour.Com

We hope you enjoy our picks of timeless & essential office dress styles that are perfect to accentuate various body curves. Feel free to contact us via email or Facebook messenger for any dress fitting or sizing enquiry. Our response time is within 24 hours. Click to visit our Fine-Quality Online Boutique with Free Worldwide Delivery including Singapore.

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