The Perfect Transformation of Little Black Dress For A Night Out

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The Little Black Dress (LBD) is the go-to dress for a fun night out with friends or a romantic night out with your other half. It’s versatile, it’s fashionable, and most of all, it’s timeless.

Need an elegant Little Black Dress (LBD) for a night out?

Le Contour is here to the rescue. Here are some twists on the little black dress that will certainly make you look elegant on your night out!

Classy Little Black Sheer Striped Detailing Dress


This dress is basically your traditional little black dress , except with long sleeves. The sheer detailing, especially on the bosom area, makes it very flattering for your figure as well as comfortable on your skin. It’s perfectly elegant and yet bold at the same time. Put on a pair of black pumps, walk out the door, and get ready to catch the eye of everybody in the room!

Versatile Little Cowl Neck Bodycon Black Dress


This black bodycon dress with a cowl-neck design is perfect for those night outs that are scheduled right after a busy day at the office. If you don’t have time to go home and change anymore, but don’t want to go to your date in your office wear, then this is a good alternative. Just add a cardigan or a blazer for a smart-casual look, and then remove it once you’re out of the office. Talk about a transformation!

Feminine Little Striped A-Line Black Dress


This striped a-line dress exudes a youthful look, but can still be made to look elegant with a pair of strappy heels and a small handbag. It’s very chic and very comfortable, absolutely perfect for a casual night out with your friends. It can be used in the office as a smart-casual outfit as well, as long as you put on a blazer over it.

Chic Little Faux Leather Sleeved Sheath Black Dress


Elegance with a hint of bad-ass? This black sleeved dress with faux leather panels mimic the style of a traditional shirt and skirt combo, but with a mean twist. Use that twist to your advantage and unleash your not-so-sweet side! A pair of sneakers, or perhaps wedge sneakers if you’re more of a ‘heels’ type of person, and a small sling bag totally completes this look.

Elegant Little Zegna Black Lace Dress


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If you want to wear a little black dress, but are a bit iffy on the idea of wearing something ‘little’, then this is the dress for you. The lace at the bottom helps you cover up a bit more of your legs if you don’t feel like revealing them, yet still allows you to stay cool and comfortable. Pair this dress with strappy sandals or heels and you’re good to go.

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We hope you like our pick of stylish Little Black Dress from Le-Contour.Com and wish you a wonderful night out looking smashingly yourself! 

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