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Are you planning or in the process of updating your style & wardrobe for the new year of 2018? In this blog post, we are going to share how you can radiate your unique personality through a smart casual women's style transformation fashion therapy. Yes, a practical guide to a "no regrets" fashion therapy for the ladies who want to become the best version of herself. Consider it as a detox fashion therapy that helps to evolve your style and make your money worthwhile.


Step 1 - Begin by Uncovering What Your Style is

The secret to feeling great and comfortable in your skin is to know yourself well. You will need to spend time with yourself, discover deep into your likes & dislikes, and what dress style is suitable for your body curves. Meaning you need to pay attention to your body curves and determine what triggers your sense of confidence. Write a personal style statement on "How I want to look, behave and communicate with the world?" while aligning it to your dream/personal growth. Use it as the guidance parameter to stay focus. This practice will help to reduce your online shopping mistakes, time and money.


Step 2 - Edit Your Wardrobe Before You Add New Pieces

Go ahead and window shop your current wardrobe. List down what you like and dislike with a clear mind. This process will then help you to shop for dress styles that you will most likely to wear in the future. Together with the personal style statement, you will be able to edit your wardrobe through identifying which items to be donated, and which are the ones that can be your staples to build a capsule wardrobe that expresses your style with confidence. This step also allows you to identify the dress styles that will embrace your unique body curves via the process of filtering.


Step 3 - Adding Essential Pieces to Your Wardrobe

Now that you have refined your preference and wardrobe staples, you may begin shopping online for new essential items. But remember to have the checklist of likes & dislikes and the personal style statement with you while browsing through the styles available online. In this way, you will increase your chances of buying what is suitable for your body curves and wardrobe mix.

Sarah Billingham - a fashion stylist and expert in this field, has the following tips for a cost-efficient fashion therapy:

  • Practise the 80/20 rule by having 80% classic, timeless staples and 20% fast fashion frills in your wardrobe. Same ratio rule applies to your wardrobe colour palette - 80% neutrals (colours like white, cream, black, navy, grey, and beige) and 20% accent colours.
  • Celebrate your body curves through the techniques of proportion and balancing. Set a focal point for your outfit to draw the attention to your most flattering part of your body. The goal here is to broadcast an appealing silhouette with 5 rules: 1. fitted over loose, 2. loose over fitted, 3. long over short, 4. short over long and 5. belted to create the waist.
  • Determine which items in your wardrobe you will need in the long run, and the rest you will buy as inexpensive treats. Invest your money and immerse yourself in timeless and high-quality classic dress styles. Care for your essential staples and store them well. All these little steps will help you save up for the dream outfits in the future. 

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Smart Casual Women Dresses

The simplicity of one piece dress makes it a versatile garment for time-pressed women like us. With dresses, you can dress up or down for different occasions. We recommend the following high-quality, timeless dresses from Le Contour to be part of the 80% staples in your wardrobe. They are great for mix and match with your favourite cardi & jacket to create the different set of outfits.


Classic A-Line Dress

This dress style was introduced by couturier Christian Dior in 1995, a triangular silhouette, fitted at the top and flows out from the waist gradually widens towards the hem. Fantastic cutting to bring out womanly curves.


Feminine Princess line Dress

This style shapes your waistline with vertical seams, elongating the body while adding height and accentuating body curves.

Princess-Line-Dress-Smart-Casual-Women-Dresses-Online Singapore

Plain-Cut Shift or Sheath Dress

The cutting has little variation in width from bust to hip. A fitted version of shift dress style can help to flatter feminine curves.


 We hope this fashion therapy will help to declutter your closet for better & higher quality clothing to transform your style with class and uniquely yours!

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