Top 3 Stylish Dresses You can Shop Online for Festive Holiday Seasons

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Ho-ho-ho! Can you feel all the joy and merriment in the air? The holiday season is coming up soon, and so are the parties and festivities. There’s something about the holiday season that gets people wanting to be more glamorous, and what better way to show your glamour than incorporating it into your daily life?

For the holiday season, all you have to remember when picking your outfit is to choose something cheerful, preferably in bright colours. Red and green get a lot of the limelight during these times, as they are usually associated with the holidays. Shimmering and glittery accessories are also appropriate for the season and are an easy way to spice up even a simple outfit.

Some people choose to update their wardrobes for the holidays, but for those who would rather have multi-purpose dresses, then here are the top 3 must-have smart casual dresses that you can use not only for the festive holiday seasons but for the rest of the year too!

Top 3 Stylish Dresses You can Shop Online

Floral or Flower Dress


Floral patterns are usually reserved for the spring and summer season, but don’t let that stop you from wearing this during the Christmas season! This sheath dress looks nice with a plain jacket as well, if you also want to use this for your smart-casual office wear.

The Ever So Versatile Bodycon Dress


This dark green body contour dress is perfect for a casual day out with friends, or a casual date with a beau. It also feels like home during the holiday season, where the ‘in’ colours are usually red and green, as mentioned above.


The sheer detailing of this white dress makes it not only perfect for a White Christmas feel, but also for a stylish and flattering look! Don this dress on if you want to look elegant and classy during the festive holiday seasons.

See a trend here? The holiday season is all about going bigger and louder than your usual, so it’s all about different patterns and styles. If you’ve always wanted to experiment with something, then it’s best to do that during the holiday season. This print dress with a faux leather trim is one good example of that.


The Classy A-Line Dress That Won't Go Wrong

Nobody said that you should only stick to patterned dress, however. No matter the season, timeless dresses, like this royal blue dress with an A-line style, is always an acceptable choice.


The holiday season is a season of joy, so don’t let your lack of anything to wear suck that happiness out of you! As you can see, you don’t need to buy holiday-specific clothes just to be fab on Christmas day. Here at Le Contour, we have plenty of great selections of emerging designers inspired smart casual dresses online for all year round. Happy holidays!

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