Top Festive Ready Dress Ideas For Casual Dressers

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Trying to get into the mood of the year-end festive holiday? and maybe planning to gear up for the much looking forward gathering activities and events brought up by the holiday festive seasons. In this social mingling season, you may have to attend family and friends get together, company parties or colleagues get together. Christmas is among those popular events that so many people enjoy. We light up Christmas trees, hunt for gifts, place orders for the best dishes, host friends and families and do a lot of decorations. With all that merry spirit in the air, you are going to need some festive ready dresses to accompany you on this holiday season to look great. 

Here at Le Contour, we got you covered with an exclusive range of smart casual dresses by emerging designers that you can shop online with free worldwide delivery. The top festive ready dress styles that are going to make you glow in this season are:

Festive Ready Dress Idea No 1 - Maxi Dress


If you are planning on a food feast in this festive season - a maxi dress style is very versatile yet feminine to wear it day or night. You can never go wrong wearing a sparkling pretty maxi dress look in this festive seasons.You can easily glam up a maxi dress outfit with your creativity to bring out the desired look for the different occasion. To bring out the glamour, you have to consider a variety of factors, it’s important that you learn about your body type so that you know exactly what type of maxi dress design will go well with your body curves. We would recommend you to go sassy with the beautiful maxi dress by adding pretty pieces of accessories as well as a beautiful pair of ladies sandals to complete the look.

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Festive Ready Dress Idea No 2 - Bodycon Dress


If you have been working out hard before that and planning to flaunt your body curves - a bodycon dress is a must-have festive ready dress in your closet.  This dress style is not only delivering the smart casual stylish look, it is also the best style to flaunt your body curves. Depending on how you are spending your day, grab a bodycon dress with thicker material which does not expose most parts of your body. Every lovely should really have a fine-quality bodycon dress in her wardrobe which she can wear without feeling body conscious.  Always remember that buying a fine-quality made bodycon dress with premium fabric material is important, as it will hug your body curves in all the right places. Also, remember not to over accessorize the dress for a sleek look. You should never leave the house without a small jacket or a blazer on it with a pair of heels.

Festive Ready Dress Idea No 3 - Sheath Dress


If you want to be dressed in something chill & easy - a sheath dress style that has been trending lately will be a good pick for this purpose. You can easily coordinate a sheath dress with sparkly accessories for this festive season. Basically, make the colours blend correctly starting from the accessories, handbag, shoes, jacket and the dress itself.  Remember you don’t owe anyone that look so rock it without sparing. Be as much creative as possible this festive season and glam up your fashion style. 

Festive Ready Dress Idea No 4 - A-Line Dress


If you are after the classy lady look - an A-line dress style would be perfect and it is usually designed to accentuate body curves. This dress style is also a sure bet for all season. In short, A-Line dresses are very versatile and what matters is how you accessorise them in order for you to have a different look every time.  Get yourself an A-line dress and spice it up with stylish accessories to dial up the look for this festive season. But always remember not to go overboard. Less is more!

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Why not also dial up your festive look with some chic casual lace dresses that are perfect for all events. 

We hope you enjoy our recommendations of festive ready dresses and wishing you to look fabulous as you step out this festive season.


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