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Upgrade Your Wardrobe with This Practical Minimalist Guide

Have you ever wonder why you are facing the "I have nothing to wear" dilemma everytime you are standing right in front of your wardrobe, contemplating what to wear? All we can tell is that you are not alone. Fret no more about having no stylish dresses to wear, in this blog post, we are going to help you to break this cycle and upgrade your wardrobe with only the pieces that you love to wear and essential.

Why you need a minimalist wardrobe?

Simple - Less is more! A minimalist wardrobe is about making conscious decisions when shopping for dresses online. The underlying principle here is to have an idea of what are the essentials pieces you need in your wardrobe, that are adding value and fitting to your unique style and body curves. Trust us, it is worth your time to clear up your mind to look into this area of your life. When you free up your closet, it is like freeing up your precious time and space to upgrade your lifestyle.

Are you ready to bid farewell to your cluttered and time-consuming wardrobe? Let's begin by imagining your wardrobe only has high-quality clothes that you adored and fit your unique body curves and style. You would save so much precious 'getting-ready' time in each morning to start the day afresh while looking stylish and feeling great about yourself.

Useful Tips for Creating A Minimalist Wardrobe

Another good news is, creating a well thought through curated wardrobe is not that difficult! You just need to keep in mind of the simple detoxing rules mentioned in Lavendaire's Vlog:

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The Core Principle of Creating A Minimalist Wardrobe

Always remember the core principle of minimalism is to focus on what you love and let go of the rest. Meaning is to keep your favourites pieces that make you feel great and donate the rest. Sort out those no-good bargains and unworn clothes that have been taking up space in your wardrobe. Also, let go of those pieces that no longer express your style. Through these filtering steps, you can work out what are the essentials pieces you need before you shop online for new dresses to upgrade your wardrobe.

This week, we have picked some high-quality and chic smart casual dresses for your new minimalist wardrobe. The reason why we are recommending one-piece dresses is that it reduces the dressing time of two-piece outfits and simplify the process of mix & match. Dresses are great to match with blazer jacket for a more professional look, and you can tone it down with a comfy lady cardigan for leisure occassion.

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Smart Casual Women Dresses - Bodycon Dress


A slip on bodycon dress with cap sleeve design. Its multi-pattern design brings out the different from bodice to hemline while creating a fitted silhouette, and hugs body curves in all the right places. So comfortable to wear, you will want to wear it all the time.

Smart Casual Women Dresses - Sheath Dress


A sheath dress is perfect for most body curves. This particular dress features faux leather detailing on both short sleeves and open flap pockets with hidden back zip to keep the design sleek and contemporary. Perfect for all occasion.

Smart Casual Women Dresses - Empire Dress


An empire dress cutting helps to accentuate feminine body curves. The gentle flare design of this sleeveless flare dress brings out that classic lady dress look. It is also a timeless piece you can keep in your wardrobe as one of the essentials.  Very easy to mix & match and suitable for all smart casual occasion.

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We hope the above information will add value to your lifestyle and upgrade your unique style through simplification. Feel free to contact us if you ever need any dress fitting advice in regards to our collection of smart casual women dresses at Le-Contour. We are always ready to assist. Just get in touch with us!

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