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There’s nothing we love more than a good scrolling session before, during and after work. And that feeling you get when your items arrive? It’s like a present, from you to you! But we also understand what it’s like to finally try on your item, and find you’re struggling to put your arms through the sleeves. Or how about when you realize that skirt actually doesn’t go with a thing in your closet? So disappointing!

Good news is that you can still buy dresses online confidently and with great success too. Over the years, we’ve picked up a trick or two for making sure we make wise purchasing decisions. The result? We love everything in our wardrobe, and we want you to as well.

Here are 4 easy tips to make sure your next scrolling session of online dresses shopping is a huge success.

Shop Online For Dresses with Intention

Mindless scrolling is an easy way to pass the time when you’re stuck at your desk and procrastination sets in. While spending your time wading through page after page of bodycon dresses might sound better than that report that’s due tomorrow, you’re not doing your closet any favours.

The easiest way to wind up with a wardrobe full of clothes you’ll never wear? Buy garments that you don’t need, like tops that don’t match any of your skirts or pants, or dresses that look identical to several you already own.

The smartest way to shop online is to shop mindfully, and you can create this habit by preparing a list at the start of every season. Go through your wardrobe and find what’s missing, and integrate that list with the season’s trends. That way, next time you find yourself scrolling through new collections, you’ll have your eye out for something that will truly complement your entire style, shape and existing wardrobe.

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Know Your Body Measurements For Dress Fitting

The number one reason for online returns? Incorrect sizing! That’s why we’re on top of our game when it comes to providing an accurate and helpful fit guide. We know what it’s like to find an item you love online, and then feel that acute sense of disappoint you can only get when something doesn’t fit correctly.


But there’s an easy way to avoid this: know your correct measurements so that you can shop online with confidence.

Here’s how to do it:

Use a tape measure to measure your waist, hips and bust, as they’re the most common measurements featured in fitting guides. It’s also important to know not just your exact height, but the length of your torso too. This comes in handy when finding a dress that not only fits your waist, bust and hips, but sits at a length that you feel comfortable and classy in.

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Focus on Your Unique Body Shape and Dress Size

How many times have you bought a dress because it looked good on the girl in the campaign? Don’t feel ashamed – we’re guilty too! It’s easy to like the look of an item in a catalogue, because after all, someone was paid to make that particular item look flawless so that it sells.

But when you approach fashion from an empowered position that embraces the way you look, and doesn’t attempt to fit within what a magazine or Instagram post has communicated will look good, you’ll find that you love the clothes you wear. You’ll not only look great choosing items that focus on emphasising your figure, but you’ll feel a lot more confident too. And that really is the key to creating your own brand of effortless style.

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Don’t Hit the Sales Section First

There’s one word that instantly makes us light up and consider taking an extra long lunch hour – SALE! While we love a sale ourselves, it doesn’t make sense to shop the sales online without having a purpose. If you find yourself clicking through an email just because you’re excited by the prospect of a bargain, pause for a second. Remember that point we made at the start of this article? Yes? Shop online with intention. Go take a look at your list must-have items – that you’ve carefully created with your unique body shape, size and existing wardrobe in mind – and then check out the sale section. You’ll find you’ll make far less returns that way, and have more of a chance of ending up with a wardrobe that you love.

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Always remember the overall key to online dresses shopping with minimal regret? Preparation. Consider it your number one accessory for ensuring you always look gorgeous.

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