Enhance Your Body Shape with Smart Casual Yet Classy Dress Styles

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We tend to wear what we want and hot in fashion right now. But what is your success rate of buying online dresses that fit you well? Do you have a wardrobe that has clothing sitting in there that you have been giving excuses not to wear them? Do you tend to focus more on dressing yourself in the latest fashion and pay little consideration to your body curves?

Spoiler alert! The following tips that we are going to share here are not about dictating one cannot wear certain styles. But it is more like an aid to help you choose the fitting to the style that you like so that you will end up wearing them instead of collecting dust on them or simply hoarding your wardrobe.


The rule of thumb to dressing is to understand and embrace our body shapes through body curves balancing. You can apply this rule when shopping for the fashion that you adore so much. Here we are going to look at some ways to help you to select the essential fitting to the styles that you like.

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The Dress Styles to Balance Your Blessed Voluptuous Top

Simple, you just need to dial up your bottom half of your body by wearing styles that will call out your bottom half. For example, choose bright colours or elaborate pattern print pieces for your bottom half, and less fabric covering your top part of the body – yes, show off your top part. Dresses that meet these requirements are the types of A-line with V-neck or sleeveless dresses.


The Dress Styles to Balance Your Mamacita Bottom Part 

You need not emphasise your bottom half further, as we get it, and you have got our envy.  Your game plan here is to bring attention to your top part of your body; things got to balance it out. Go with loose tops, boat neck tops, or off shoulder tops and wearable neck accessories that would help draw attention to your upper body. Simple dress types like Mermaid, A-Line, and Empire would come to your aid.


The Dress Styles to Enhance Waistline of Yours

Easy-peasy, colour blocking dresses always work well in creating the hourglass appearance. Choose dresses with fitted waist design to add volume to your bust, or loose flowing dresses with a belt at the waistline to create the hourglass effect. Dress types to consider for this purpose would be Mermaid, Sheath, A-Line, and Empire.


To sum up, in your pursuit to adopt the latest fashions as soon as they come out, you shouldn’t overlook the all-important factor, that is your body. Don’t try to be in shoes of others at least in the matter of choosing styles. Know your body shape well and enhance your curves with styles that are meant for you. Le Contour with its pre-selected dress styles and fine-quality fabrics can help you bring the perfect balance in your curves and make your own fashion statement!

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