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Online Dresses by Emerging Fashion Designers

All women's dresses on Le Contour Online Boutique are designed by talented emerging fashion designers and our labels are exclusively tailored by a leading garment manufacturer – Global Designer Solutions, office based in Sydney, Australia with an ethical manufacturing facility in China. Their expertise is all about producing high-end clothing with strict quality control; while fulfilling the requirements set out by the designers.

Our Online Dresses Designer Labels Are:








We are an Online Smart Casual Dresses Boutique for women who wear her dresses with freedom, courage and confidence. 

We believe in empowering women through helping them fit themselves so that they can glide out the door with their heads held high, and ready to conquer the world with her confidence and positivity. 

We are also fans of staying classy through quality design and craftsmanship, and believe that every day is worth dressing up for, be it for work or personal leisure. 

Lastly, check out why you should start shopping high-quality smart casual women dresses and useful tips for building a stylish & timeless capsule wardrobe to transform your style with ease.